Thursday, June 25, 2009

Civil Disobedience for LGB Marriage

A few days ago Instapundit wrote about civil disobedience for the cause of legalizing same-gender marriages.

When I was a graduate student at UCSB, I heard about a far more clever plan.

At the time (and probably now) UCSB had "married faculty and graduate student housing". These apartments were nice, and were very affordable compared to other local options.

But at that time (no idea about now) they were not open to same-gender couples. A legal marriage was required.

So some LGB graduate students created a plan. (These were the days before a -T was added to the acronym.)

As graduate students their incomes were all comparable, and writing prenuptial agreements would protect their current belongings. So there was no economic risk to getting married.

So the LGB graduate students would form pairs of couples, two men and two women. Then in these pairs of couples, men and women would go to a courthouse and get married, and then sign up for the wait list for "married faculty and graduate student housing".

Except for that apartment application, the marriages would be completely ignored. Once apartments were obtained, these students would live with their same-gender partners rather than the friend to whom they were legally married.

(In those days there was no active hope of California legalizing same-gender marriages. An ignored marriage to be terminated after both people left UCSB was not getting in the way of a genuine marriage.)

What could the university do against this plan? Many faculty were married to a spouse also in academia, often requiring the spouse to live in a different state or country: the university could not require residents of these apartments to be living with their spouse.

I never heard about if they actually carried out their plan or how it worked out. If you know, please tell me!

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