Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Resources for Creating a Fantasy World 2

I've found some more fun things fitting this topic.

First, for the sake of nostalgia, you can now download White Plume Mountain and other out-of-print adventures and rulebooks. (Some new adventures are also at the first link.)

Second, this link to Phineas's cartography is supposed to be nice, but is of no help to me.

Third, someone took the time to write a lengthy treatise on being a GM for the d20 system (as a .pdf file). Much of the advice is sound for any RPG.

UPDATE: Phineas's cartography is found! And "map per day" challenges for May and June.

UPDATE: The Cartographer's Guild is a pretty place, and has tutorials for map-making.

UPDATE: Paratime Design has lots of maps. A large, recent "one page dungeon" contest has compiled its submissions and winners here.

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