Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Toddler Eating Log

Smiley is now old enough that he is getting most of his calories from solid foods and his nutritional needs have changed from what breast milk and formula provide. (Notably, he needs much more protein and calcium than when he was an infant.)

I looked online for a toddler eating log so we could keep track of if he is eating properly. I could not find any! So my wife, who is much more knowledgeable about nutrition than I am, helped me create a food log for Smiley.

This is worth sharing! Here it is, as an Excel spreadsheet.  (UPDATE: Now it has its own web page.)

The basic information is from the book What to Expect: The Toddler Years, pages 504-509. But we had to revise a lot of the serving size information, which was in some cases strangely inaccurate.

Our version is specialized to what organic food we can easily grow and buy for Smiley. Thus we have left off the serving size information for okra, plantains, and a few other foods that the reference book did include.

We starting to use the log this week. Previously we had been worried whether Smiley was eating enough green vegetable. It turns out we should have been concerned about grains instead. (He does not normally like breads, and we have not had much rice this week.)

(Sorry for the lack of posting recently. I have been spending all of my computer time doing other things, of which this is merely one.)

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