Monday, April 12, 2010

Two-Year Checkup

Today Smiley had his two-year checkup. He has only grown a little since his 18 month checkup. Now he is 34 inches tall and he weighs 23.25 pounds. (This time I did not write down his head size or percentile information.)

Today he also said his longest sentence so far. He was playing with a ladybug in the back yard, putting it on his plastic slide. There is a crack between the plastic floor and the slide, into which the ladybug slid. But with his little fingers he could retrieve it. Smiley tried to express "The ladybug fell in a crack in the slide. I reached inside the crack and got it." What he actually said was "The ladybug, the ladybug hide in the slide. Me go inside the slide get ladybug."

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