Tuesday, October 06, 2009

18 Month Checkup

Today Smiley had his 18 month checkup. He has grown since his 12 month checkup, and is still following his growth chart trend lines.

Now he is 32.2 inches tall (50th percentile), he weighs 22 pounds (8th percentile), and his head size is 48.7 cm (75th percentile). Compared to six months ago he is slightly more tall and thin, and his head is less huge.

Practically, he has been in size 18 month shirts since Spring because the neck holes on 12 months shirts were too small, but only two weeks ago did he start wearing size 18 month pants.

He had vaccinations today, as well as his seasonal flu shot. We expected more fuss, but he was completely over the ordeal by the time we drove mommy to work and then home.

Later in October a toddler H1N1 vaccine will be available, which probably won't matter to him but might make a difference to any elderly library patrons he sneezes on. But Lane County has at this point only received its first vaccines this week, and only a nasal mist with live virus. Definitely not what would benefit Smiley.

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