Saturday, October 10, 2009

Faith Won't Axiomatize

A friend asks on Facebook today (why can't I link to such things!)...
As we roll the scroll back again, we need to ask ourselves why we believe this stuff anyway. How do we know that the Bible we believe is truly God's Word to us. Is it because it is what our parents have taught us? Is it because it makes sense... to our intellect? Is it because we have truly met with Adonai through it? Without understanding the why (or seeking to understand) it is no more than ritual exercise.
My response was that of a mathematician. I asserted we cannot logically know if our faith is true. We believe in an intelligent, powerful, deceiving being. So logical proofs are out. Here's an example of why logic alone cannot be enough.
What if the divine being who created the world is apathetic and evil, but humanity would be hurt to learn this. So the deceiving being invents our scripture and acts as the God of scripture, humbly portraying himself as the evil being and giving us a message of hope and faith rather than allowing humanity learn a crushing truth.
Sound crazy? It is! There is something inside us, once we have met Yeshua, that will never accept such a hypothesis.

But a very similar story was once believed by the Ophites, and we can't use logic alone to discredit the possibility.

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