Thursday, October 15, 2009

Two October Days

The past two days have held a strange collection of chores as I tried to get things done while watching a tired little boy.

Yesterday was cold so we started a fire in the stove. Then, to stay downstairs by it, we cleaned my skateboard's bearings. Smiley liked paying with the rubber wheels, and putting them on and off the skateboard's axles. I also did laundry and re-seasoned our cast iron skillet. We went for a stroller-walk to the grocery store and took pictures of Autumn trees. After his nap I swept the deck and then started building Boo's winter indoor cage. After dinner everyone went swing dancing.

Today began with my math class taking the term's first test. Then we did dishes, oiled all the wood cutting boards, and made up a new rice pudding recipe to try. After his nap we'll go to allergy shots, maybe shop for stain and maybe varnish, and perhaps even finish Boo's cage.

UPDATE: No hardware store or woodworking got done, but they rice pudding recipe was a definite success.

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