Saturday, October 10, 2009

YouTube's Trucks for Toddlers (Mostly Fixed Camera Edition)

In the past I've mentioned that kids less than two years old should watch little if any television.

We don't own a television. Every now and then I allow to Smiley to watch a short video on my laptop. Normally this only happens when I am reviewing our videos of him to pick which to edit and post on BlipTV. But during the past month I've been slightly more lenient.

He loves trucks, and during the Summer was able to see some construction vehicles do work near our house. But he has a fun picture book about trucks and I feel bad that he has no idea what many of the featured trucks look like in motion.

Currently the most agreed-upon hypothesis for why television is bad for little brains involves how most television programs shift the camera point of view so often. So I have looked for YouTube videos about trucks in which the camera moves never or rarely.

So far I've only found three: about a Bell Dump Truck, Excavator, and a Fire Truck Parade.

Do you know about any others?

UPDATE: I've found four more, about tractors: a Ford 5000, John Deere 7920, and a Harvester. Also this one but the tractor and tank are not showing off what they normally do.

UPDATE: Steam roller videos from Wales and the U.S. And Smiley had little interest in this video about a train plowing snow but I thought it was nifty.

UPDATE: More! A front loader, Bobcat, mobile crane, excavator, and bulldozer. The first two are fun with the vehicles doing stunts instead of normal construction work.

UPDATE: Many more!  Fun forkliftsThree big excavators.  A boy driving a bulldozer.

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