Saturday, March 26, 2011

Magalene and the Pirates

Remember Magalene?  Smiley had decided in early December that in most Magalene stories she would behave, and be a pretend friend visiting his house.

In January she began having adventures.  Here is a typical Magalene story from January.

Smiley had been introduced to pirates by the book Pirate School.  Also, Smiley understands the concept of a time-out, so I use it to avoid any description of violence between pirates.  Even though Smiley is almost never put in a time-out, his toys are when he misbehaves, and some of his friends get time-outs.

Notice that Magalane does not actually do much in the story.  She usually needs help, from either Smiley or a fictitious hero character.
Magalene and the Yummy Fish

One day, Magalene was in her little boat fishing.  She had a fishing pole and fishing line.  She caught a fish.  It was not a pretty fish.  It was silver.  But it was a very good kind of fish for eating.  Magalene was happy.  "I will take this yummy fish home and cook it on the grill with spices.  I will have a nice dinner."

Then a pirate ship came near.  It was the pirate ship of Perarm Paul.  "Oh, no!" said Magalene.  "It is Pegarm Paul.  He is a bad pirate.  He takes things."

Pegarm Paul steered his ship next to Magalene's little boat.  He leaned over the edge of the pirate ship.  He looked at Magalene.  Pegarm Paul laughed: "Ha, ha, ha ha!"

"Yes," he said, "I am a bad pirate.  I take things.  Now I am going to take... that yummy fish!"  And Pegarm Paul reached down and took the fish.  Then he sailed away.

Magalene was said.  Magalene cried.

Then another pirate shipe came near.  It belonged to Pegleg Pete, who was a good pirate.  He helped people.

Pegleg Pete saw that Magalene was crying.  He asked, "Why are you crying, Magalene, my friend?"

Magalene said, "I had caught a very yummy fish.  It was the kind that is good to cook on the grill with spices.  But the bad pirate, Pegarm Paul, took it from me."

Pegleg Pete said, "He is a bad pirate.  I will chase him and bring back your fish.  But I need to hurry or he will eat your fish for lunch.  Wait here, Magalene."

Pegleg Pete sailed to the west.  He did not find Pegarm Paul.  It was closer to lunch time.

Pegleg Pete sailed to the east.  He did not find Pegarm Paul.  It was getting later.  It was closer to lunch time.

Pegleg Pete sailed to the south.  He did not find Pegarm Paul.  It was almost lunch time.

Pegleg Pete sailed to the north.  He saw the pirate ship of Pegarm Paul.  It was lunch time.  Pegleg Pete sailed his pirate ship next to the pirate ship of Pegarm Paul.  Then Pegleg Pete jumped onto the pirate ship of Pegarm Paul.  He ran to find Pegarm Paul.

Pegarm Paul inside his pirate ship.  He was in the kitchen.  The yummy fish was ready for cooking.  Pegarm Paul was about to put it in a pan.

Pegleg Pete opened the kitchen door.  "Stop!" he said.  "That fish belongs to Magalene.  You should not take things!"  Then Pegleg Pete took Pegarm Paul.  He put him in time out.  Then Pegleg Pete took the fish.  He sailed quickly back to Magalene and her little boat.

"Here, Magalene.  Here is your yummy fish.  Pegarm Paul took it.  He put spices on it.  But he did not cook it.  You can put it on a grill and cook it."  Magalene did that.  She cooked the yummy fish and shared it with Pegleg Pete.

"Thank you, Pegleg Pete," said Magalene. They had a very nice lunch.

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