Thursday, March 31, 2011

March 31st Firsts

Today Smiley had three memorable "firsts".

For about two months he has asked for stories about going hiking in the woods, because Little Bear goes hiking in the woods.  Most of these stories involve Smiley, his friend Tyris, and the imaginary character Magalene.

Today was the first reasonably sunny and not-too-muddy day in weeks, and he finally got to go hiking.  The Fox Hollow trail head of the Ridgeline Trail is very near our house.  So after our morning errands we stopped home briefly, packed a lunch to eat on the trail, and went hiking.  We had a great time, and found a sunny spot to eat that had some recently cut trunk-cylinders of a fallen tree at the side of the trail that made good seats.  (Do those have a name?  They're not "stumps".)  I should have brought a camera.

Smiley was very impatient druing the drive to the trail head.  His second "first" of the day was bugging me with "Are we there yet?" as we drove.

Then he had a bump while walking to his bunk bed from where he helped "read" a bedtime story  He was walking while holding open the book (Waddle) and saying the letters on the last page.  Bump!  He walks into a wall.  Not hard enough to be bothered by it, but I still got to say "Mr. Rabbit..." to him, which is something my mother used to say to me all the time as a child when I walked into things while reading.

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