Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Election Telephone Silliness

I have received three amusing phone calls about the upcoming elections.

Two were simply routine phone calls from Democratic supporters.  These were amusing because they focused on re-electing President Obama instead of other Democratic candidates or issues.  I find it almost unfathomable that Oregon's electoral college votes will not go to the Democratic presidential candidate.  But apparently the polls show that outcome is no longer certain: currently President Obama leads Mitt Romney at 47% to 41%, but eight percent of the voters are undecided and the poll margin of error is five percent.

The other was a call from Kate Brown herself, who after some small talk asked for a campaign contribution of ten thousand dollars.  I told her thank you for the compliment, but I certainly do not have that kind of money floating around.  From what list did she get my name?  She did not know.  Since most political donations are public record and I have never made any donations more than twenty-five dollars it seems that someone earned a few bucks selling our incumbent Secretary of State a bogus list of likely donors to call.

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