Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Smiley Learns About Riddles

Smiley has been introduced to riddles by the delightful library book Clever Rachel by Debby Waldman.

One of the book's riddles is: "Impossible to touch but easy to feel, it's sweet as honey and hard to conceal.  What is it?"  The answer is love.

Smiley wanted to answer the riddles as soon as they were stated in the book.
Me: What do we call things you feel?

Smiley: Feelings.

Me: Are feelings something you can touch?

Smiley: No.

Me: What is a feeling?

Smiley: Being scared.

Me: Is being scared sweet like honey?

Smiley: No.

Me: What is a nice feeling that is sweet like honey?

Smiley: The kissing feeling.
So he does not fully have the word love in his vocabulary, but I think he solved the riddle.

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