Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Faster and Slower

Smiley is familiar with martial arts moves having names, both from film and from how Pokemon work.

The other day he was explaining to me how his running and stopping worked.
  • When he is running and wants to stop suddenly, he uses "Quick Slow-Down".
  • He uses "Speed Release" when he is running and wants to run as fast as he can.  Then he uses "Speed Slow-Down" to start slowing.
  • If he is running as fast as he can, he cannot use "Quick Slow-Down" or he will fall over.  So he uses "Speed Slow-Down" and "Quick Slow-Down" one after the other, a combination named "Super Slow-Down".
  • When he is older he will learn "Super Speed Release" to run even faster.

I suppose the last part is he explanation of why I can run faster than he can run.

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