Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Autumn's First Cookies

This year Winter weather arrived as September changed to October!  Most of the trees do not know it is Autumn yet and are quite confused by the days of 60 degree rainy weather and nights below 40 degrees.

In mid-September we did lots of dehydrating, which as usual was sufficient to heat the house that time of year.

But the past few days have been too cold for that to suffice.  So it is time to bake!

My wife made Pumpkin Bread a few days ago, and we still have half of the last loaf left.

Recall that our bulk grain shopping at Azure Standard gives us teff flour and brown rice flour, but whole grain for quinoa, millet, and amaranth.  Those last three are what we use for our generic gluten free flour mix.  Our supply of mix was low, so today I did a lot with our DeLonghi mixer and its grain mill attachment.

Then Gallant helped me make our Healthy Brown Spice Cookies.  We have a new scoop for which squeezing the handle makes the dough drop out--which he can do "all by mineself!"

Now we have something else yummy to snack on.  Hooray!

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