Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Gallant Curious and Safe

True to toddler form, as Gallant grows in verbal ability he is asking questions increasingly non-stop.

Currently my days are filled by:
  • What that noise, Daddy?
  • What you doing, Daddy?
  • Where?

(The last one means "Where are we going?" and happens whenever we are in the car, whether or not I have previously told him about our errand.)

At least this is more variety than "Why?", a question which will develop later

Gallant is also more positive, which is a fun and silly change.  His  two generic affirmations are:
  • That good idea, Daddy.
  • Me safe now, Daddy.
  • Oooh, nice!

The first phrase copies one of the ways I give his older brother positive affirmation to conclude successful brainstorming or negotiation.

For example, Smiley might have wanted to play with his marble run after breakfast.  After helping him develop a more complete plan, I might conclude, "So your new plan is to first brush your teeth and get your socks on, and then once you are ready to go to school you will play with the marble run until it is time to put your shoes on and leave?  That's a good idea, Smiley."

The second phrase means "I am not worried."  My wife sometimes tells the boys some variant of "My job as Mommy is to keep you safe."  Gallant evidently understands "safe" as "not worried".

I figured that out the other day when Gallant was thirsty in the car and I told him we were driving home and I knew his water bottle was on the dining room table with water in it.
Gallant: Me safe now, Daddy.
Me: You are safe now?
Gallant: Yes, Daddy.
Me: Were you worried?
Gallant: Yes, Daddy.
Me: What were you worried about?
Gallant: Water bottle.
Me: You were thirsty, but now you know you will soon have your water bottle. That makes you feel safe?
Gallant: Yes, Daddy.
Me: I am glad you are safe now.
Another humorous exchange happened when the sound of loud rain on the car made him nervous.  But I did not fully understand that at the time; I erroneously assumed he had overheard someone talk about how driving in the rain was slightly more dangerous than driving on dry roads.
Gallant: Rain, Daddy.
Me: Yes, it is raining on us.
Gallant: Rain on car, Daddy.
Me: That's true.  In the car we are dry.  It is not really raining on us. It is raining on our car.
Gallant: Be careful, Daddy.
Me: Be careful?  Is something not safe?
Gallant: The rain, Daddy.
Me: Does driving in the rain make you worried?
Gallant: Yes, Daddy.
Me: Okay.  I will be very careful as I drive the car in the rain.

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