Sunday, April 20, 2014

Counting the Omer, Day 2

Sundown again.  Day two of counting the omer.

As Pesach approached, I considered what habits to change during the days of the counting of the omer.

One decision was to restrict my "entertain myself" computer time to online sermons and reviewing my old sermons to pick some to prioritize for rewriting as scriptural concept essays.

That turned out to be a fairly easy goal.  As I wrote about earlier today, during the past month the corner of the manosphere that I read most has collapsed.  So I found someone interesting to follow on the Pathfinder forums.  When I felt a need to read something unimportant and mentally undemanding, I used the forum discussions in which he participated.  Now I only need drop that routine.  Since it is a new routine I do not care about, it is easy to drop.

I also thought quite a bit about interesting things to blog about, but postponed doing that blogging.  Now I can have a nice "brain dump" feeling by writing blog posts, instead of unproductively reading what other people write.

Naturally, I am changing some other habits also.  But I will be strategic and save that discussion for a future blog post.

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