Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Counting the Omer, Day 4

Busy day.  No time to write much.

I will simply say that God can teach me two things at a time.

One thing I can seek after and struggle with in prayer.

And second, a bit more in understanding humility.

More than two things makes me flounder.  I miss part of what God wants me learn.  I need to repeat the lesson.

Happily, God knows my limitations and is patient to give me lessons at a pace I can internalize.

Lately life has been so busy and full that I have not been dutiful to keep asking for both types of lessons.  With Spring gardening, sick kids, and a big to-do list it is easy to slip into learning hodge-podge from circumstances.  That works a little, but is as inefficient as trying to learn geometry by doing home improvement projects.

So one goal during the days of counting the omer is to get back to whole-heartedly pursuing both types of lessons.

More details tomorrow.

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