Thursday, May 08, 2014

Counting the Omer, Day 19

My old essay about favored status described our role as people helping God distribute his Kingdom's good promises and help.
We should recognize that we have favored-status because we are now children of God. This puts us beyond concerns of honor and shame, and gives us responsibilities to help God distribute his blessings and other good things from his Kingdom.
The past few days I have been thinking about this more.

Let's put together three scripture verses: Matthew 6:33, Romans 14:7-8, and Second Corinthians 5:14-20.

Together these tell us to continually seek God's Kingdom.  In particular, God is pleased when we draw righteousness, peace and joy into our lives from his Kingdom .  We should feel compelled and driven by Yeshua to do this.

Moreover, when we live this way we should see people differently.  People are either fellow-helpers in this effort of distributing God's good things, or folk who not only need a lot more righteousness, peace and joy but who can be changed by receiving from God's Kingdom.

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