Thursday, May 08, 2014

Counting the Omer, Day 20

Yesterday I wrote about how reconciliation with God should include my being compelled by Yeshua to draw from God's Kingdom righteousness, peace and joy, so I can distribute these into people's lives.

This reminded me of an old blog post about how representation, advocacy, and leadership are very different and in some ways in opposition to each other.

When I represent Yeshua, I think and act more like him and less like my old self.  I better represent him by spending time with Yeshua and developing a deeper relationship with him.

Being an advocate for Yeshua does not require relationship.  An advocate merely supports and recommends Yeshua's teachings and invitations.

(A group focused on representing Yeshua together would live similarly and harmoniously.  But a group focused on advocating for Yeshua might have disagreements about how to best share the reality of his life and teachings.)

Being a spiritual leader involves activities Yeshua never did that help others learn to think and act like him.

Organizing a weekly scripture study group or helping casting a congregation's vision are not things Yeshua did.  They are "meta" activities that might help other people represent Yeshua even though the activities themselves are not how Yeshua thought or acted.

You cannot represent the target while leading someone to the target!

I am no longer running a congregation or hosting a scripture study group.  This is kind of nice because the ways I am a spiritual leader are less often "meta" activities.

Yeshua did lead by encouraging people to pray, answering their theological questions, and making short teachings.  I can do these things to be a spiritual leader for my family and sometimes for my friends while still thinking and acting like Yeshua.

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