Saturday, May 24, 2014

Donating Hair

I finally got my hair cut.

There were several reasons.  The main one was that hair down to the small of my back was often in the way when doing exercise or other physical activity.  But I had been putting up with that inconvenience (and my jiu-jitsu partners were also).  However, this summer is a family reunion to celebrate my grandmother's ninetieth birthday.  Since she never liked such long hair on me, the haircut is partially a present for her.

The last of my long hair photos, with ponytail from the front

and the back

and with my hair down, from the front

and the back

The charity Locks of Love needs at least ten inches.  My hair had enough thinning towards the very bottom that removing sixteen inches made sense.

Tangentially, my hair is the kind Locks of Love really wants.  Too many of their donations are hair damaged by heat or chemicals.  My hair was never blow dried, curled, straightened, or dyed.

I even used only silicon-free conditioner to wash it normally, so it did not dry out as much as most conditioned hair.

Now I have shoulder length hair.

My hair has never been like this before.

When I was growing it out, at the time the back got to my shoulders the front was still not nearly long enough to also be shoulder length.  It was dreadful!  The only way I could find that looked masculine at that stage was to always wear a yarmulke and keep my font hair tucked under that skullcap.


I am liking this length a lot.  It has a lot more personality, and even when I wear it down it is not nearly as much in my way during the day.

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