Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Little Pointy Vehicles

As a child I visited Disney World once, and at the Epcott Center saw a prototype and movie about a concept commuter car called the Lean Machine.

Apparently that went nowhere, until a different company redesigned it and is now marketing it successfully.

In this small city there are a lot of people who could save gas by commuting to work by moped, and if lots of people made the switch it would be much less of a safety issue. But it also rains a whole lot here. (As they say, "In Oregon it only rains twice a year, from October until January and from January until May.") I wonder if such tiny cars will ever be used here?

On the other hand, we have a river going through town. People who are overly fond of sea animals (shark spies!) could always commute by mechanical dolphin.