Sunday, May 21, 2006

A Minimal Set of Guaranteed Improvements

Apparently there is a challenge in the blogosphere to create a list of things, such that anything can be improved by the addition of something on the list.

This appeals to my Jewish upbringing. After all, each Spring I rediscover the depth of the comsic truth that chocolate-covered matza is so amazing at the end of Pesach because chocolate makes almost anything better and almost anything makes matza better.

Here's my draft of a list:
  • prayer
  • hot chocolate
  • smoothies
  • weasels
  • ninja pirates
Basically, for those things that prayer cannot help because of other people's free will, some hot chocolate or a smoothie (depending upon the weather) might at least offer some consolation. As Dave Barry pointed out, weasels make most jokes funnier. And ninja pirates can fix many situations.

On Friday I sent out an e-mail to all the LCC faculty, participating in a discussion about the college's choice of insurance carriers. The e-mail seemed too serious, so I added smoothies and ninja pirates. We'll see what is in my inbox on Monday.