Monday, December 04, 2006

Finals Week Finally

Sorry I've been away from the blog (and most non-work-related e-mail) for most of three weeks. The end of the term has been unusually busy. Now it is finals week and I have free time again!

This morning I took some chores to work with me. I had a pile of charitable donations to write checks for and send out. Only two students visited my office hours today, so I got those done then. I also had a pile of letters to write, most of which I finished while proctoring a final exam today. It is nice to be catching up on chores.

(Besides the usual business of teaching, I have had the car fewer days per week than usual. I had not realized how much an extra 30 minutes of commute time each direction adds up! Also, during the past month I have been in the most intense span of my allergy shots. I finally made it to the high-dose bottles of antigens. During the past month I only received one set of shots per week, but three times the sessions left me exhausted: I went to bed early the night of the shots and also needed a nap the next day. That didn't happen last Thursday, so I seem to be past that hurdle. This is happy news since I could really make use of those five or six hours each week I was sleeping extra!)