Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Water Rat vs. Fire Pig

A friend from China told me about all the weddings on 12/6/2006. Apparently days with 2's or 6's are considered auspicious.

Moreover, 2006 is also a popular year for weddings so that children can be born next year. Something I never knew was that the Chinese Zodiac has elements for the years (gold, wood, fire, water, earth) as well as the animals I know from placemats at restaurants. Since the Chinese word for "pig" sounds like the word for "blessings", a child born on the year of the Gold Pig is believed to be born to financial blessing.

Sounds sensible for people who believe in that sort of thing, except that next year is actually a Fire Pig year, not a Gold Pig year as my friend reports many people mistakenly think. Someone was confused, and rumor spread.

I guess I'm a Water Rat, which makes me wonder where Mole, Badger, and Mr. Toad are in this whole scenario.