Saturday, August 18, 2007

P'nei Adonai website major update

As part of the current congregational merging that I've been writing about, P'nei Adonai is shedding the label of "congregation" and instead focusing on its calling to be an organization helping any and all congregations have a lifestyle more like Yeshua's first-century followers.

So the P'nei Adonai website is quite different now. I am pleased with how it is a "tighter package" and hope what I wrote effectively communicates what God is doing with and through us.

The Messianic Jewish "congregation" in town is now just Sar Shalom, and my ministerial responsibilities of a congregational nature are shifting to that organization. I'm still doing discipling, teaching, community organization, etc. Since Sar Shalom is so new it has not yet set up any congregational government my roles there are a bit vague and I do not yet have any official title, but such things are not really website material anyway.

I feel a little bit like I did when, as a college student, I moved from a studio apartment to a one-bedroom. Now there are two distinct places to place the same stuff I had before, but it's also pretty obvious which items go in which place so unpacking is not confusing or difficult.