Saturday, August 18, 2007

I'm caught up, but I cheated

Last night I stayed up until 2:30am working on the P'nei Adonai website. I'm not done with it, of course. I still have to catch up with old Matthew studies, and then go through all my old sermons to build both vocabulary essays and revised Parashot commentary pages. But after a month of changes in the community the website is at least "done" in that it represents what P'nei Adonai is doing.

I've also done my best during the past two weeks to catch up on e-mail. Two weeks ago I had almost 150 non-spam e-mails in my inbox. I just now finished catching up with them. Yea!

Of course, everyone I just wrote to is about to write back. Having a shiny clean empty inbox will not last long, nor would I want it to!

In writing three of the many e-mails to friends tonight I cheated, and messed up. One problem with blogging is that if I put all my personal news in the blog then I don't have anything to write about in a letter. So I brainstormed as best I could, and wrote something to a friend. Then I used that e-mail as a template for writing to two other friends. In each case I put in new stuff -- I dislike form letters, which is why I started blogging. But in turning that first letter into a template I forgot to remove this sentence:
I think Granite Falls might be even more isolated than Canaan sounds like, but I'm not sure yet.
Amusingly, it appears in the middle of a paragraph in a manner that makes perfect sense to friend #1, but will be completely meaningless to friends #2 and #3. If anything, it sounds like I am comparing a small town in Minnesota to an ancient territory often mentioned in the Bible (which was on a major trade route, not at all isolated!).

Oh well.