Sunday, June 05, 2005

A Switch from Everyone Letters?

For many years I've been sending out "Everyone Letters" by e-mail to family and friends a few times a year.

Who has time to keep in touch personally with all the friends they have met? The "Everyone Letters" were a reminder and a welcome: I'm here; I'm doing this and that; if you reply to this we'll chat, and otherwise accept my well-wishes and we'll correspond later on...

I'm long overdue for an "Everyone Letter". So I set aside time today to get back in touch with the friends and family who have not heard from me or my wife in a while. And I thought, "Why not try Blogger?"

Why not? A constant problem with writing the "Everyone Letters" is that my life as a minister and teacher is (thankfully) not terribly exciting, but has interesting things to write about happening at least weekly. I'm busy, and there is the tendency to think, "If I wait a few days then I can also write about this..." But of course, in a few days the same situation remains. The letter never gets written.

Maybe short bits of news and quick thoughts about life will be a welcome change of pace.