Thursday, June 16, 2005

Firefox: subtle aroma, robust, faintly fruity, pleasant aftertaste

I have not yet waxed complimentary about Firefox. But I really should.

It has a feature that removes most advertisements from web browsing, which is really nice. It has a feature that checks links and color-codes them by validity, which I use now and then when looking at It's easy to enable pipelining, which speeds up browsing on a fast internet connection. And Firefox is not vulnerable to Active-X problems.

Except for doing Windows Updates, it does everything I need and does it better.

A few days ago I found out that Mozilla also producing a free FTP Client. It also works much better and faster than my old FTP software. Hooray!

(I'm also using Thunderbird for e-mail because it is more secure than Outlook, but it does not do everything Outlook does for e-mail. Outlook can be set to automatically file a sent reply in the same folder as the message you replied to; with Thunderbird I have to spend a few moments each day sorting the contents of my "Sent" folder into other folders. Outlook can change an outgoing e-mail from plain text to HTML on-the-fly; with Thunderbird if I want to break my normal habits and send an HTML message I have to change an account setting before composing the e-mail, and put the setting back afterwards. But to be fair, Outlook cannot bounce mail.)