Thursday, June 23, 2005

Wierd Dreams

I often have really wierd dreams. Last night had two good examples.

The first involved a new hobby: suburan boar hunting. Two groups of friends participated. One designed a treasure hunt, which ended at a certain house in which a wild boar was dangerously loose. The other followed the clues while carrying various sizes of boar spears (the first group accompanied them as spectators), and the event ended when the hunters found the boar, lured it outside (no boar blood in the house!), killed it, and cooked it in the backyard for both groups of friends to eat.

As a kid I enjoyed reading The Once and Future King, which includes a boar hunt young Kay and the Wart went on. But I have no idea what prompted this dream.

The second dream was obviously prompted by two stresses of yesterday: the sewing machine needed oil before I could get some sewing done, and I was thinking about some upcoming air travel that involves switching airlines mid-day.

The result: a new T.V. game show in which participants are given a sum of money and a suitcase full of airport-legal but awkward items (such as a battery-powered, running sewing machine) and must visit four specified cities as quickly as possible. The participants start in the early morning at the first city when the airport opens, and must plan a route to the remaining cities, purchase tickets, and do the traveling.