Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Mischief Managed

One problem with being sick and worn out is that I become less faithful to maintain closeness with God through my personal times of prayer, worship, and study. Then I become more evil.

It's not that my "natural self" is hurtful. Rather, it's mischievous. Normally I think of random humorous trouble-making and keep it to myself. When I don't stay properly close to God it takes willpower to suppress my mischievous side.

Sadly, I don't become more witty. Then at least I could write things down to entertain folks.

The best example during the past three weeks of being sick was an incident at the medical center. My wife and I were there two weeks ago for one of her regularly scheduled maternity visits. As we were leaving we stopped by the restrooms. Also approaching these was a cute elderly couple, noticeably old and frail. The wife waited outside while the husband and I went into the men's room. I left before he did, and as I walked by his wife had a strong urge to whisper, "It's impressive at his age that he can still back up four feet and maintain perfect aim!" Of course I didn't lie about what her husband was doing, but I noticed it did take a small amount of willpower to not make trouble.

I'm still sick, but not much. Since Thursday I have been feeling enough better that I am once again enjoying my personal times of prayer, worship, and study, and how tangibly those change my personality.

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