Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Three Weeks of Sick

I've been sick for three weeks. My energy level has been terribly low.

Fortunately I have not had to take a sick day from math teaching, and I have been taking good care of my wife the house, but I'm now way behind on e-mail and several other to-do items. Sigh. I like naps, but I'm longing to get back my zing and get out of deep water.

Strangely, I have been in the mood to work on my role-playing game. It's something I can do even when tired and suffering from a headache. Ministry work normally requires doing academic research, writing with carefully chosen words, and sharing the result in forums for which presenting myself clearly the first time is important. With planning a role-playing game I compose a new chapter of nifty ideas with terrible wording and still have made progress.

I last wrote about the game about a year ago. Since then I've given up on trying to create a science fiction setting, and gone back to a fantasy setting. After being sick for these weeks I finally have a working version, and my wife and I finally played a role-playing game for the first time in many years last weekend. Hooray!

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