Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Better Skin

I went to a dermatologist last week.

Have you heard the joke about the man who was in a terrible accident and the entire left side of his body had to be amputated? He's all right now.

My problems were minor and laterally opposite. I had two seborrheic keratoses on the right side of my face. One was itchy, so they were frozen off with liquid nitrogen.

I have a small patch of seborrheic dermatitis that comes and goes, on the upper right corner of forehead. It would be dandruff but it is not under any hair. It does not itch, causes no problems, and is hidden by my hair. No treatment necessary. I could use hydrocortisone cream to make it go away but it would eventually come back.

I also had a skin flap on my right side, which annoys my wife because when she gives me backrubs she wants to pick at it. It's now gone.

The itchy keratoses looked potentially scary. But I had no melanoma. Given my family history I should still remain wary.

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