Monday, July 20, 2009

Tastes Like Spotted Owl

There's an old campfire game where you say one true thing and three false things, and then everyone tries to guess which item is true. This blog post is similar but lacking any attempt to be challenging. ;-) It also won't be funny to anyone but myself. But, hey, it's a personal record of how out-of-touch I am with popular culture.

Most Tuesdays I take Smiley to the library. I've blogged about that here. At the library I first encountered the Moroccan song A Ram Sam Sam. I wondered what its words meant.

I could have known the song from pizza commercials, but I have not owned a television since I was twelve and my braces started receiving the Illuminati channel after I was bitten by a radioactive cable box.

I could have known the song from Scouting, but I have not done scouting since the good old days when Eagle Scouts were still required to actually catch, tame, and eat an eagle.

So I did some internet research and found out it is supposedly a nonsense song. But do we really believe that? Since I've never started a riot, and certain cartoons are no longer causing any uproar, it seems appropriate to use fabrication to start a new meme.

Did you know the song is actually from ancient Moroccan Jewish culture, and translates to "We make better pizza than our Arab neighbors!"

Be sure to tell everyone! I'm not sure about pizza restaurants, but the Boy Scouts can handle the pressure.

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