Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tuesdays are Library Mornings

Today is a Tuesday, which means two Tiny Tots story-and-song times at the library.

Smiley takes the 9:30 am bus, to share a bus ride with Mommy. Then he and Daddy stay on the bus and go to the library, which is adjacent to the main downtown bus station/hub.

The library opens at 10:00 am. We arrive a few minutes early, so I get to enjoy a cinnamon bagel with butter from the foyer snack shop. (Yum, gluten and fat!)

The story-and-song times last about 20 minutes, and happen at 10:15 am and 11:00 am. In between Smiley gets his second breakfast of food packed from the diaper bag.

We leave the second story-and-song time a few minutes early to take the 10:20 am bus home.

Poor Smiley was exhausted this morning, and falling asleep during the second story-and-song time. On the bus ride home I had to move him from the Ergo to my lap to keep him awake.

But then he stayed awake until 1:15 pm, and slept for four hours. He just woke up.

I got to read comics online, enjoy a short nap, eat a late lunch, write a math midterm, and catch up on being away from Facebook for over a week. Now it's time to get my wife from work, and then go help a friend paint walls. Roll, roll, roll the paint,...

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