Sunday, May 10, 2009

All Caught Up

Well, Smiley was awake crying once each hour at 10pm and 11pm, and then finally threw up three times. Apparently soy milk does not agree with him. (Not sure, but that's the most obvious guess.)

When he finally went back to bed at 1am, I was too awake to also fall asleep. So I stayed up and sorted through photographs from March, April, and so far in May.

Now the Picasa album is all caught up!

(The videos are also all caught up, but that work was done earlier this week.)

When I organize photographs I move a copy of all of the good ones to a folder named "for Bubba". My next little chore is to copy those to a memory stick and mail it to my grandmother. She watches the photos in a digital picture frame, and goes to CVS to print her favorites. Then she mails the memory stick back to me for a new set. So her Mother's Day present, slightly belated, will be three months of photographs of her great-grandson.)

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