Saturday, May 02, 2009

March Videos

Smiley began March with a diaper rash, so he played outside without pants. He was able to use his scooter on the lawn successfully for the first time, and lacking pants worked on his crab crawl to protect his knees. Later, with pants, he enjoyed his little sandbox and perhaps said the word "sand" although that could have been saying "in" (as in "I'm putting the sand in world outside of the sandbox"). The sandbox continued to be a favorite toy (it still is).

He enjoyed a visit from my wife's office-mate (who will be visiting with Smiley again tomorrow to babysit while my wife and I go see Spamalot).

He was not fond of towing his telephone. We did record a long stretch of typical early March platime.

On March 10th we got a new sofa and loveseat. On March 11th he tried my skateboard, which worked okay inside and outside but was not as fun as his scooter; after a few more days he lost all interest in it, to my wife's delight.

March 12th was a big day: he went to Parker playground for the first time. I blogged about that here. We returned the next day but he was too tired to play much.

On March 16th he began waving good-bye regularly. He had done some waving earlier in March but only occasionally. He also enjoyed pushing things down the stairs, not for the very first time, but this was the first time of playing that game for quite a while. He also did assisted walking with only one hand, a feat he sadly decided is less comforting and since that day has refused to repeat.

Stories were a well-established part of bedtime by March. His favorites are Goodnight, Gorilla, The Going to Bed Book, The Very Busy Spider, and The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and Pat the Bunny.

On March 17th he learned to scoot down the back deck's ramp. (He was not able to scoot up it until April 19th.) He spent a lot of time on his scooter and with that ramp the next day (1 2 3 4 5). He also visited Parker playground again.

In February he began to enjoy music more. In March he noticed birdsong, and grew more interested in the recorders.

Towards the end of March he was sick, but still played well. Eventually the aspirator was no big deal. I gave him his first Duplos to play with on a rainy day when the border between carpet and tile was fascinating.

During March he still spent most of his time playing like a baby rather than a toddler. He did more with his scooter and bead maze, and first began to use his shape sorter correctly, but just as much enjoyed putting items in and out of a container, moving things back and forth, giving sloppy nose kisses, and being held up high. He also invented a game of lying on the floor with a parent above him, either restfully or as part of chasing.

(We did not get a video of his first time playing tag, back in December. My wife, watching us, made the timeless comment, "So the chasing and yelling come automatically, then?")

At the end of March my wife got new garden beds. Smiley helped move rocks. The plum blossoms were falling.

Smiley also enjoyed making new noises: the ts sound, roaring, and motor boat noises.

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