Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Parker Playground

Last Thursday I took Smiley to the playground at one of the nearby elementary schools, after 4pm when the playground is available to the public.

Smiley increasingly enjoys people watching. I expected we would use the swing and he would watch other kids play.

I was surprised. He conquered the play structure. Starting at the bottom he could climb to any platform, and enjoyed going down both slides. Not bad for an 11-month-old who cannot yet walk.

The links below are to movies. We did not manage to take a good picture of Smiley going down either slide, but the movies have that and more.

This is the play structure. He started down by the bridge.

Ladders separate platforms. The ladder to the top platform had the most steps

But he could climb it!

Here he is crawling to the big slide.

Being up high is so much fun.

There was a nice view of the basketball players.

Getting in position to slide down takes concentration. He went slid down many times.

The small slide is fun too, and a good place for people watching.

Another a concentrating face as he turns around to back down.

We returned on Friday but he was too tired to play much. Then Eugene had four rainy days. Today we'll finally get to go back.

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