Saturday, March 21, 2009

Smiley Sick on Shabbat

Smiley has his second cold. We expect he caught it through all of his recent playground time.

This one is not a runny nose cold, but his sinuses are draining down his throat. This makes him cough and burp a lot.

His tummy is also very sensitive. He has thrown up twice when we did not cut pieces of fruit smaller than usual, or when we let him drink more than a few ounces of breast milk or formula at once. When he does throw up it makes him miserable for a while. Not only is that experience unpleasant, but some gets caught in his sinuses and for the next half an hour whenever he sneezes a bit more comes out of his nose.

(We recently tried switching him to the Enfamil Next Step formula, because he is old enough for it and it was on sale at the grocery store whereas the usual stuff was not. This may be compounding the queasiness problem. Tonight we'll try going back to the old stuff, using the supplies we each keep in our diaper bags.)

Today we also babysat two other young children, so Smiley had to be understanding as other kids were playing with his toys or receiving our attention. He did very well, especially considering he was feeling under the weather.

He even had two developmental milestones today. He does not walk, but took a first step today. He also began using his shape sorter the "real way" by putting shapes into the proper holes, rather than holding the box upside down and simply moving the shapes in and out of the trap door on its bottom side.

While my wife took a nap I recorded a longer than usual video of Smiley playing on the stairs. It was nice that most of the day he was happy and vocal, even if he had a few hours of feeling miserable and fussing.

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