Sunday, March 22, 2009

First Legos

Smiley is feeling much better today, but has still the cold and its symptoms.

This morning I got out some new toys for him to play with: his first Legos (video) and a set of Aleph-Bet blocks.

I also recorded a great, short video of him dragging his toy phone all the way up the stairs and then pushing it down. Thump, ring, thump, ring, thump, ring. But I must have accidentally deleted it while the Flip was in my pocket. I forgot to turn on the "delete lock" feature after clearing out the Flip last night. Oh, well. He'll push the phone down the stairs again.

Now he is napping. I just finished baking power bars. After his nap we'll go to Borders to take advantage of their "Educators' Week" event.

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