Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sitting Room

Today I realized that we now have a "sitting room".

I've read that phrase but doubt I ever heard it spoken. Wikipedia says it is synonymous with a living room. But until recently our living room was not very good for more than one person sitting. It had a decent recliner and an old couch that did not offer enough support.

We finally decided to replace the couch, as an Engagement Anniversary present for each other. We have always wanted a loveseat to cuddle on. We eventually purchased a reclining sofa and loveseat set. The manufacturer is an Oregonian company named Pacific Motion that currently lacks a website. The pieces are so well made that the lifetime warranty covers not only frame and fabric but even the foam.

So now we have a decent recliner and four other really nice places to sit. Since we do not own a television but the front window is big, I suppose we should start using the phrase "sitting room" instead of "living room".

Tangentially, we also decided to do a second large purchase at the end of the summer. In the Summer will be teaching more math classes than previously planned so we can afford something else my wife has always wanted: a hot tub. We expect inflation soon, so it makes sense to purchase any long-lasting expenses now, before prices go up.

UPDATE: The new sofa and loveseat can be seen in this video.

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