Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I've been busy with all sorts of work and chores for the past two weeks.

Tonight I finally have a chance to try to get caught up on photographs.

Here is my routine, which mainly uses the gThumb software for Linux:
  • copy everything from the digital camera to the portable hard drive
  • copy everything from the digital camera to the laptop
  • sort the new laptop photographs by month into folders
  • delete blurry or inferior-redundant photographs, rotate when needed
  • add a caption to the best photographs
  • sort by caption and then copy those with a caption to a new folder
  • upload that folder to my Picasa albums then delete it
It does not take very long. Except that I have 574 photographs to deal with. Ack!

UPDATE: Half done! Now bedtime.

UPDATE: All done! Now I just need to blog about the photographs since December 16th. And finish processing videos, and blog about videos since October.


Heather said...

I really, really don't like gThumb. I use Picasa to import and do all my editing--I find it saves a lot of fuss. Although I REALLY hate doing large groups like that. Try to keep no more than 100 on my camera because otherwise I slack off and don't do as much with them as I should and then have to fuss with them later.

David V.S. said...

Picasa is certainly better if I did any photograph touching up at all. But I don't.

Both programs do a "batch rotate" equally easily.

Only gThumb does a "sort by caption" and "batch copy". It also allows a thumbnail view size large enough that I can sometimes pick out the best photograph in a series while looking at them all (without having to take time to see them individually).

If I wanted to touch up photographs I would use Picasa. But then I would need to rename the photographs to upload, so I sort to group them together for uploading and to copy them to the folder of photographs to put on a memory stick and mail to my grandmother.