Thursday, March 19, 2009

Wearily Blessed

Today I'm running on only three hours sleep. Partly it is my fault for staying up later than I should have. Also, Smiley had a long fussy and half-asleep time last night.

Anyway, on days I am very tired I tend to either feel especially frustrated or especially grateful, based upon whether I have a big To Do List that day or not.

Today was an especially grateful day.

I'm a morning person, and the final exam I gave was done by 10:30am. I did not start to crash until at least 10:35. Ensuring my math students had the most smooth and enjoyable test possible was my only big To Do item today beyond from parenting.

I sometimes nap when Smiley does, but today was expecting phone calls (which did come in) and needed to start a fire in the fireplace. So I worked a bit more. It could have waited, but I graded the exams for those students I knew were worried about failing the class, and then e-mailed them that they passed. (I am technically not allowed to share grade information by phone or e-mail, but sometimes provide imprecise grade information when I know students may be frantic.)

During Smiley's hour-long nap I also created a Twitter account and then bent Twitter to my will.

The rest of they day I spent playing with Smiley. We played inside and outside.

Today had the first cherry blossoms of Spring, and was the first Spring day of loud birdsong.

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