Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Old Couch

In December I used Craigslist for the first time, to find a new home for our lovebirds.

Today I used it again, to find a new home for our old couch. As before, I am using the blog to archive what I wrote there.

In 1997 my grandfather gave my wife and I his old couch, whose supportiveness was even back then a bit used up.

Now its 15+ years old and the support for sitting is entirely gone. Sitting on it for a couple hours will probably cause a sore back.

But it's still an okay couch for lying on -- nice for a nap, a place to sleep when the spouse is sick, or for watching a television high above the foot of the couch.

The leather has some small worn places, and one small hole where my father-in-law sat on it and his keys punched through.

Dimensions are 7' long, 3' deep, 2'9" tall.

Free if you can transport it away.

Anecdotally, my grandfather was the chemist who convinced the board of Johnson and Johnson to recall all Tylenol during the Tylenol Crisis, perhaps still the foremost example of a company putting customer care before profits. This was his couch for watching television in his den. A bit of history to accompany a well-used piece of furniture.

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