Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Teenage Nerd Coping

Yesterday, at Tugman Park, I met two other househusbands with young children. Perhaps Smiley will have new friends to see somewhat regularly!

One of the other men mentioned using skateboarding as his release from peer pressure during his teen years.

As a teen, I was nerdy enough to ignore peer pressure using words. Above my desk I wrote two sentences.
I am a member of the Second Foundation and my problem is I'm not hidden!

The judgments of one wise man are worth that of a thousand fools.
If I need to explain, it's no use explaining.

While going through boxes of old papers in early May I found an old, water-damaged three-ring binder holding my old Bar Mitzvah study notes. On the inside of the front cover, in my neat handwriting that has barely changed in twenty-five years, was the first sentence. I wonder now if I had used that binder for other things, or only that particular endeavor.

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