Thursday, July 23, 2009

Four Milestones

Yesterday Smiley did four things for the first time.

During the past two weeks Smiley has become much more interested in and adept at mimicry. This has made dancing a social activity for him. Before he would walk around the room, or spin around a little, or clap. Now we clap while we walk forwards and backwards, walk in circles, stomp one foot, or spin around. Yesterday morning, while I was at work, he and mommy danced to music and for the first time he spun so much he became dizzy.

Later in the morning we went to Trader Joe's and the allergist. At places he got stickers to play with. He has played with Post-It Notes at home, so stickers were not a completely foreign idea. He liked putting a sticker on my nose, and it only took a few attempts to learn to hold it so the sticky side would touch my nose.

In the afternoon, he woke from a nap and took off his pants. Fortunately that was all he removed.

In the evening he tried his first popsicle (we made some for him using diluted orange juice) since he is teething four teeth and something cold might have been appreciated. This was not too different from his mesh teether, but he was not very interested.

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