Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Keep the Blog's RSS Feed?

I am thinking of switching my blogging from blogspot to just using a text editor and having each month be a page on my website.

I know I would be too lazy to manually update an RSS feed for blog posting. Would any of my blog's readers care if the blog's RSS feed disappeared?

(Legibility would improve. I would lose the feature of displaying posts by category. I'm not sure what else would change.)

UPDATE: Okay, I'll keep the blog in its current format. Thank you to those who commented!


cayswann said...

I would miss the RSS feed. That's how I see your posts. But I'd find a way to survive... not sure how, but somehow.

Would you post a "hey there's a post!" anywhere we might see it? LiveJournal, Facebook, Twitter...?


pussreboots said...

I would stop reading your blog. I almost never click through to read it any other way than the RSS.

Jonathan Lovelace said...

Since discovering your blog I have read it through the RSS feed. But it's possible to have a blog you edit with a text editor that still has an RSS feed; I've found (but not tested; my own blog is hosted by Wordpress) several blog engines that syndicate posts you write in plain text files. The first Google result for "static file blog engine" was WadComBlog. Searching the "not installed packages" on my Ubuntu laptop, I find Chronicle, Blosxom, and PyBlosxom, among others. There is also blog client software that lets you edit posts in a text editor, then posts it to whatever system you're using.

Heather said...

Oh I am glad. I only remember to read because of the feed reader. :)