Saturday, December 19, 2009

More First Sentences

A week ago I mentioned when Smiley first used spoken syntax, saying "Yurm-yurm choo-choo."

Since then he has possibly said three more sentences.

He does not say the word upstairs but does describe things as "up high". Three days ago he used that adjective phrase with a noun for the first time. He was downstairs with mommy, and saw me upstairs, and said "Da-da up high".

Two days ago he coughed after drinking milk before his nap. He probably said "a cough" since using the indefinite article would be much more typical of his speech. It sounded like "I cough," but that unlikely case would be his first use of the personal pronoun.

He has recently become find of "hi". Today while eating breakfast he waved a mommy who was baking in the kitchen. "Hi, ma-ma. Ma. Hi, mommy," he said as he continued waving.

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