Sunday, December 20, 2009

Nice Day with Family

Friday night was not only Erev Shabbat but the last night of Chanukah. It began a very nice day!

My family is visitng my wife's parents and brother. Vacation has been nice.

I have been enjoying reading Craig Keener's commentary on John and got to do that more as the evening began. Later we lit the Chanukah candles and had a nice Shabbat dinner. I had a nice walk around the neighborhood with Smiley riding on my back in our Ergo. We got to look at holiday lights and even at one house dance.

(A house had lights that blink in time to music, combining two of Smiley's favorite things. If only the object thus decorated was not a house but a big truck!)

After Smiley was asleep, my wife and bother-in-law played a RPG adventure. I fell asleep listing to my JNT audiobook, which was a treat for I only recently figured out how to get it to play its tracks in order.

In the morning I got to do much of the typing up of the RPG adventure. That day included three "walks" around the neighborhood that mostly turned into meeting and playing with the neighbor kids, as well as playing with Smiley inside. I got to do a lot of blogging. I relaxed and had some prayer time. I even managed to find a one-page dungeon from the 2009 contest that needed almost no work to use that evening.

But after dinner the very nice day ended. Smiley has caught a cold, and his nasal draining buildup caused him to throw up twice in a very messy way, exacerbated by our not having our usual precautions in place at grandma's house. So no RPG adventure or relaxing audiobook on Saturday evening: clean-up and laundry instead. Smiley's breathing troubles interfered with his sleeping so he woke up flustered at 1am. I held him for an hour until he fell asleep again, and was awake much of the night as he made more coughing noises but did not himself waken.

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