Saturday, May 29, 2010

End of May: Back to Having Energy

So, why was it two weeks since I did any blogging or status updates?

Two weeks ago (the week of May 16th) my wife was out of town on a business trip for several days.  I got to be the only parent for most of that week, which was fun it seemed all my time and energy went to parenting, teaching, and writing a sermon with no energy left over for social networking.  My wife returned at the end of the week exhausted from airline flights and a gluten reaction, and then had an even worse gluten reaction on Saturday.

So last week began with me tired from having taken care of Smiley and my wife so much.  Tuesday and Wednesday of last week were kind of blah for no apparent reason: I am guessing it was allergies because I had a noticeable "background level" of nasal congestion and headache.

Thursday my math students had their second midterm.  I spent most of that day grading.  I'll finish grading tomorrow.

Friday my wife took the day off work and we all went to the aquarium.  That was fun, especially since Smiley did much better than I expected dealing with four hours of driving (with no napping!).

So today was my first real rest in two weeks--except I didn't.  I did not have yesterday as a "Preparation Day" for this Shabbat, so the housework to-do list was not conducive to resting.  Today was also the first sunny day in two weeks, so there was a lot of yard work to do.  So I decided to be restful tomorrow instead.  I knew this would happen: in effect I chose yesterday for this week to prioritize "love thy wife" over "observe Shabbat on the right day".

I let my wife sleep in late while Smiley and I processed twenty new videos.  I did dishes twice and washed four loads of laundry.  I swept the kitchen, patio, and front steps.  I leaf-blew the driveway and front sidewalk, planted four plants, then weed-wacked and picked up fallen sticks from all of the back yard.  I did some e-mail and blogging, and looked at friends' status updates on Facebook for the first time in many days.  Smiley had a nice play date with Tyris, during which Tyris helped Smiley learn to enjoy his new bike trailer seat.

It looks like May will end with me way behind on blogging one post per day.  But I have more than posts 20 waiting as drafts, full of links and waiting for when I have time to add paragraphs.  So I expect June will be better for blogging.

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