Monday, May 31, 2010

Sushi Rice Salad

Last July I wrote about making vegetarian sushi on the grill, using collard greens instead of dried seaweed.  (I more often make more traditional vegetarian sushi, but that's not interesting to write about.)

My wife recently found a recipe for brown rice sushi salad on the blog Tea and Cookies, which got it from the blog Dana Treat.

Smiley is asleep now for his afternoon nap.  Time to make this salad..

(Tangentially, Dana mentions how sushi rice will "gum up" unless rinsed very thoroughly.   In our last order from Azure Standard we bought a bag of sweet brown sushi rice to try.  It's delightful: sweet and soft like normal sushi rice, without being as sticky and with the healthiness and slight nutty flavor of brown rice.)

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